History & intention

The engnieering and consulting company ecaVert Ltd was founded in 2010 by Nicolas Ecabert and his associate Sylvain Melis. These two engineers HES in agronomy studied at the haute école du paysage d’ingénierie et d’architecture in Geneva (hepia). Their intentions, supported by professor Pascal Boivin, who is in charge of the soils and substrates laboratory at hepia, are to create an engineering and consulting agency that is active in the fields of water and soil protection, but that particularly is capable of developing and commercializing the innovations of the laboratory.


EcaVert Ltd wants to link to a form of responsible entrepreneurship that rather concentrates on the humans and their environment than on the profit. The agency has fixed different aims and wants to develop its activities, not only to propose beneficial competences in the natural environment and the human health (environmental and sanitary goal), but also to give young graduates from technical colleges and universities in the area an opportunity to benefit from a pleasant and enriching professional surrounding (social and economical goal).


2010, winner of the « Venturkick Stage 1 » (prize :10’000 CHF)

2010, winner of the « prix Genilem HES-SO Genève » (prize : 20’000 CHF+ assistance during 3 years)

2012, winner of the « Prix Nature Swisscanto – future generation » (prize :10’000 CHF)