Protection of the waters


EcaVert Ltd offers consulting services on the management of polluted effluents, whether at the scale of a farm, a company (both point pollutions) or a landscape (diffuse pollutions). A collaboration with the foundation « maison de la rivière » is being build up, in order to develop a facility that is capable of reducing the diffuse pollutions in the inflow regions of the waters.

The company is entitled to conduct physical and chemical analyses of the soils in order to model the risks of transfer of different pollutants into the surface waters or groundwaters. The agency is also developping its knowledge in the area of treatment of industrial waters (ongoing project on the treatment of the cooling waters at Cern).


EcaVert Ltd offers consulting on the management of irrigation. We install humidity sensors (watermarkTM) or deliver tensiosols and educate the producers in the use of these tools to regulate the irrigation and thus limit the wasting of water and/or the risk of root rot.

The agency can also conduct physical analyses of the soil to estimate its water content and its permeability, in order to define an adjusted irrigation mode.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us, the first visit of an engineer of ecaVert Ltd is free of charge and the exchanged information is strictly confidential.