Protection of the soils


EcaVert Ltd recommends a different approach to manage the fertility of the soils. This approach integrates the concept of the live soil, aims at facilitating the development of organisms that are capable of structuring the soil, of recycling dead organic material and of altering the rocks in order to release the contained nutrients.

To offer consulting services on the management of fertility, the engineers of ecaVert Ltd proceed in two steps :

1) its engineers study the profiles of the soils, if required they extract samples and send them to the laboratory of soils and substrates at the hepia for chemical and/or physical analyses (partly also biological → method of indication QBS, respiration through degassing of CO2, etc.)

2) the results of the analysis of the soils are subsequently used by the engineers to determine specific measures in order to stimulate the biological activity of the soil or to complete its chemical fertility with liquid manure and/or organic fertilizers


Ecavert Ltd specializes in the area of protection of the soils on construction sites. The accreditation by the Swiss Soil Science Society should be effective in 2013. The agency will thus be able to plan and supervise the manipulation of soil material on construction sites (regardless of whether it is subordinated to the order on the impact on the environment): development of a working calendar, choice of machines, place and conditions of storage of the soil, following of the aquatic condition of the soil, etc.


1. Ecavert Ltd offers consulting services on the battle against erosion, whether it is at the level of crop methods or for the setup of antierosive constructions (hedges, terraces, etc.)

2. The erosion risks are calculated using the USLE* equation

3. According to the circumstances and heterogeneity of the studied zones, a map of the erosion risks can be constructed

4. The recommendations are passed on in oral and/or written form, if required, along with an estimation of the funding necessary for the setup of antierosive constructions

*Universal Soil Loss Equation USLE


(regional planning, agriculture)

When a site is chosen for big construction projects, the quality (or fertility) of the soils are only very rarely considered. One distinguishes between three quality ranges of soils : the physical, biological and chemical qualities. EcaVert Ltd offers an examination of the soil that takes into account the three ranges individually as well as all combined, and that leads to a specific or global quality indice between 1 and 10.

In line with the diversification of a farm or a replanting project, a diagnostic on the soil quality can enable a more precise choice of underlayer and/or of the crops, of the irrigation mode or of the necessary measures.

According to the scale of the study project (whether it is for a construction site or for agriculture), ecaVert Ltd can produce a mapping of the soil quality. Once the study is finished, the agency writes a report that contains information about the conducted study, as well as the different measures that are recommended in order to enhance the quality of the soils.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us, the first visit of an engineer of ecaVert Ltd is free of charge and the exchanged information is strictly confidential.