Biobed construction site in Lullier

“We have to protect the soil and the water that is fundamental for our culture, because it is the souce of life”, said the state council of Geneva Michèle Künzler at the inauguration of the biobeds in Lullier on Mai 12th 2011.

The VG-BiobedTM (vegetated wall of purification) system in Lullier corresponds to the first concrete realization of ecaVert Sàrl. Even though the construction was not finished without troubles and sorrows, the ultimate feedbacks were positive.

A big thank you goes to the professors and students of the CFPne for the work they have done (structural work and finishing). Thanks a lot also to the teams of Biotista and Mybatec for their advice and know-how.

Nicolas Ecabert und Sylvain Melis